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Category: Friendship
Message: I thought she was my best friend
The best one I've ever had
Instead I found out the truth
And what I learned was sad
We still call each other friends
But I feel were far apart
Though we see each other every day
I have a broken heart
She has made new friends
And,I've made some too
We are talking less and less
And inside I am cold and blue
Each and every night I pray
That she will finally see
How much I want our friendship back,
And how much she means to me.
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Break Up Away Messages

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Sometimes it's better to leave something broken, because if you try to fix it, you may end up getting hurt all over again.
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4.5/5 (702 votes)

Submitted by: Kelley
When I hear your name I cry, because knowing I had you and let you go makes me wanna die...
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4.4/5 (689 votes)

Submitted by: ILOVEHIM<3
All we do is make up and break up,
Why don't we wake up and see,
When love hurts it wont work...
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Submitted by: xxoqtpie08oxx
You put me in pain physically a few times, now you've put me in pain emotionally for a lifetime!
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Submitted by: EternallyDamaged

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