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Category: Poem
Message: My friend I need you now-
Please take me by the hand.
Stand by me in my hour of need,
Take time to understand.
Take my hand,dear friend,
and lead me from this place.
Chase away my doubts and fears,
Wipe the tears from off my face.
Friend,I cannot stand alone.
I need your hand to hold,
The warmth of your gentle touch
In my world that's grown so cold.
Please be a friend to me
And hold me day by day.
Because with your loving hand in mine,
I know we'll find the day.
Submitted By: Volleygrl2008


Break Up Away Messages

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Sometimes it's better to leave something broken, because if you try to fix it, you may end up getting hurt all over again.
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4.5/5 (702 votes)

Submitted by: Kelley
When I hear your name I cry, because knowing I had you and let you go makes me wanna die...
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4.4/5 (689 votes)

Submitted by: ILOVEHIM<3
All we do is make up and break up,
Why don't we wake up and see,
When love hurts it wont work...
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Submitted by: xxoqtpie08oxx
You put me in pain physically a few times, now you've put me in pain emotionally for a lifetime!
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4.0/5 (516 votes)

Submitted by: EternallyDamaged

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