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Category: Poem
Message: I started out as a freshman
I Didn’t Think Life Could Get Better,
Then It All Seemed To Fall Together.
But Things Soon Changed….
Your Attitude…
Your Feelings…
Your Kisses…
Then The Lies Started,
Then You Think That Im The One Who’s Cheating.
I Never Understood What Went Wrong
I Didn’t Think It Would Still Hurt This Long…
All The Things You Said To Me,
And All Of The Promises You Promised Me
Loving Is Living,
And You Just Have To Be Giving.
You Were Charming At First,
Then Started The Names And The Jokes.
By Not Just You But Your Father As Well
To Lose What I Lost To You Was Not Worth It
But Losing You Now Was Well Worth It,
But I Know Who You Really Are Now.
Just A Coward Who Thinks Hes A Real Man
I Gave You All I Had To Give
I Tried Everything To Make It Last
So Try And Look Me In The Eye
And Tell Me She’s Really The One
Just Like You Told Me So Many Times
Just Tell Her To Not Except To Be Called Beautiful,
Or Treated Right Or That Your Their When Your Not
But When Your Brother Fucked Up Or You Had A Bad Day At Work
I Was Always Their For You When You Needed Me The Most
I Broke Up With You,
And You Still Tore My Heart In Two,
I Never Thought You’d Hurt Me So Much,
Tell I Saw The Both Of You
Submitted By: cheerchik4eva68


Break Up Away Messages

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Sometimes it's better to leave something broken, because if you try to fix it, you may end up getting hurt all over again.
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Submitted by: Kelley
All we do is make up and break up,
Why don't we wake up and see,
When love hurts it wont work...
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Submitted by: xxoqtpie08oxx
When I hear your name I cry, because knowing I had you and let you go makes me wanna die...
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Submitted by: ILOVEHIM<3
You put me in pain physically a few times, now you've put me in pain emotionally for a lifetime!
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Submitted by: EternallyDamaged

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