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Category: Ponder
Message: There is a fine line in the human being that separates one half of a person from the other. Without its existence, life as we know it could never have existed. It is a space that allows out only what is taken in. It is a void that must remain open and free, lest an emergency descend upon us. Though it is often the cause of many struggles, we must learn to appreciate it, for without our butt cracks, we are nothing
Submitted By: SHSrunner09


Halloween Away Messages

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AHHHHHHHH!!! Oh my Gosh!!! EKKK! Going to a haunted house. leave a message and I will get back to you
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Submitted by: StarCabdy110
Ring around the roses, Priests and boys and Village people, Halloween is a gay ole time, What are you going be this year.
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Submitted by: sophie

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