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Category: Summer
Message: Summer is the very best,
lots of time to sleep and rest,
having fun every day,
finding an excuse to go out and play,
getting sand between my toes,
feeling the cool breeze as it blows,
sneaking in and out of my house,
being as quiet as a mouse,
partying with all my friends,
wishing summer would never end.
Submitted By: basketballqt772


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Im tuning in the radio to Tune you out!!! leave a message
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2.6/5 (68 votes)

Submitted by: Jennyfur18
Im listening to my MP3'S right now, So don't go messing up the song by typeing a d*** message!
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Submitted by: CHSJock06
Hey if you are not nsync, britney, or back street boys or any artist donít IM me because I am listening to them not you right now...
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0.8/5 (845 votes)

Submitted by: alyssa

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